Skill Games play for money - and win

Playing for money is not the same as gambling

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It is in human nature to play. People have always played - whether for money or not - and compared their skills with one another in a competition. It didn't matter, whether it were the simplest board games like checkers and chess, or gambling, which has a great appeal due to its high profit opportunity and low barrier to entry. Of course everybody can get lucky and win the jackpot at a slot machine but, since nobody can affect luck - at most challenge it, in the long run you cannot win with this kind of gambling.

However, Skill-Games is different and that is what it is all about on this homepage! In the cash game providers of online games that we introduce to you, victory and defeat are mostly decided by

  • your dexterity
  • your reaction and
  • your experience

Luck is actually a minor matter and does not play a superior part, as for example in an online casino. Therefore, it is possible to win actual money and the best part is: It is fun! Just try it yourself.

Skill Games are simple games of skill

Chess, domino, playing cards, dice

The so-called Skill Games are simple games of skill. There are games like Mahjong, Pyramids, Solitaire and Bejeweled but also classics like Snake, Pacman and many others – as for example Pepper Panic, which was released in 2012 by

All of these online games of skill have one thing in common: They are entertaining and keep you fit mentally. Additionally, the games are usually easily and fast learned and played. To challenge a friend to a game of skat, pool or to a quiz is the best remedy for boredom. Every game is played against real opponents (human versus human) and not against the computer.

However, you do not have to play for money (play for real) but can play and practice completely for free (play for free) on all of the websites we present here. Even so, playing for money increases the appeal and over time, when you get better at it, can provide for considerable additional revenues.

Look around and let yourself be infected by the Skill Games fever...

the best providers

Game, Fun and Money - under this motto we write for you!

On this homepage we introduce you to the biggest, most popular and newest cash game websites, on which you can play for actual money online and legally. All the providers are absolutely reliable and safe. In addition, they are constantly tested and monitored by us. Of course we also regularly play on all of these Skill Games platforms ourselves.

Earning so much by playing so that it pays the rent, is probably a dream for most people but considerable profits are definitely achievable. In order for you to win more often than you lose, we will help you with a lot of tips and tricks for various Skill Games. We will take you to the next level but as with most things in life the following applies here, too: Practice makes perfect and patience is a virtue ;)

We are looking forward to new players and wish you good profits!